Sunday, February 25, 2018

Flippin' The Bird Download

If you've read my posts about my tenure with The Silos, you'll remember me mentioning a collection of live tracks, all recorded during our U.S. tour, entitled Flippin' The Bird.  In my opinion, this collection exquisitely demonstrates the band as a powerful rock 'n' roll ensemble. Captured in this collection is a fearless, young, and unbridled group, embracing real rock 'n' roll that's mixed up with a smattering of country and folk music. The Silos would be one of the first bands of the time to define and represent the Americana genreAlthough JD Foster played bass on the record, his touring activity with us was very limited.  You'll hear Graham Maby play bass on these recordings.

Now you can enjoy it all for yourself here, including the credits, track list, and artwork.  Many thanks to musician and sound man extraordinaire, Joe Cinicci for putting this collection together.  Read more...

The Silos: Walter Salas-Humar, Bob Rupe, Brian Doherty and J.d. Foster (l-r)